Don’t worry - we’re also creatures of habit and it take us time to adjust to new things… 

From the beginning, we were cautious to design the video recording system so that it would not affect or in any way change the game for the player or the terrain of the golf course. From our first meeting with the golf club management the requirement was clear: develop a system that will not require any alterations or in any way affect the operations of the golf course. We also had to fulfil the second requirement coming from the golf players: design an simple and easy-to-use system that will not affect the flow of the game or stand in anyones way. It is up to the golf player to determine when he/she wants to use the video recording technology. 

Last but not least, we had to consider the financial impact for the operation of the system. A majority of golf players are keen to invest in improving their game and are constantly monitoring their swing. Most golf clubs are eager to invest in new technologies that give them a competitive edge and attract more members. Meanwhile, the operation and maintenance of the system cannot affect the budget of the club. 

It wasn’t our goal nor a challenge to develop a technology for a small group of professional golf players. We wanted to create a system that would be accessible to all players, regardless of their handicap and for different types of golf courses and golf club budgets.

We just simply came up with an idea of how to bring innovative technology closer to golf players worldwide. After that it was simply just a matter of time until we came up with the me@golf system we have today, with the help of golf players, golf course staff and professionals. The system we’ve created is simple and intuitive and can be used by very golf player regardless of his/her handicap throughout the entire golf season. 

And what was the result? me@golf