The me@golf system was from the beginning developed for golf players of all categories, focusing on different aspects of their game, and for golf courses with a various number of members so that it does not affect the club’s budget. 

During our testing of the system and discussions with club managers we came across 5 concerns, which we already know how to address.

#1 What if the golf players are not interested and won’t use the system?
Golf club does not pay any initial cost. Golf club pay only in case that golfers use the technology and record videos.  
Honestly, how many golf players do you know that aren’t interested in seeing their golf shots?

#2 The installation of the system will interrupt the operation of the golf course and we would need to make terrain and other alterations.
The installation of the me@golf system does not require and changes/alteration to the golf course landscaping. Installation and adjustments can be done within a day even by the golf course maintenance team. As you can see from the photographs, the individual components of the me@golf system are designed so that they blend in with their surroundings (see the picture bellow), on the golf course and in the clubhouse.  

#3 We don’t want to burden the golf course staff with the maintenance of another gadget, it’s not our priority. 
Everything is done automatically, the maintenance of the system is minimal, hence the operation of the system does not create an additional burden on the staff. Golf staff does not have to distribute ID cards and explain the system to every individual golfer. We have a solution.

#4 We haven’t allocated financial resources within our budget for this type of investment. We have other investment priorities.
The economics of the system is set up so that the golf club doesn’t have to invest any money in the purchase and operation of the technology, while golf players will be able to use the video recording system throughout the entire golf season.

#5 We don’t want to innovate.
Of course, until this day your golf club has been able to operate without the me@golf system and despite the fact that you don’t offer a video recording service, you have retained your golf members. It’s also true that golf buggies weren’t a standard accessory on the golf course a few year ago, yet they have managed to become a common accessory today. We cannot stop innovation and new technologies on the market, which are primarily focused around creating a more unique game experience for the players will only grow and expand. You have the opportunity now to gain a competitive advantage, yet without straining your annual budget.