Most golf courses prefer the following basic terms:

no initial costs (no need to buy the technology)
place the technology on the most beautiful hole or hole par 3 with installation costs of 2.200 €
offer this service as a free service for golfers (no fee for video recording and sending)
pay fix 450 € montly fee or pay per every video recorded
no service fee, no licence or other fee

There are also other possibilities how to operate me@golf technology on the course.


provide me@golf as a free service for golfers
provide me@golf for a fee

provide me@golf as a "panorama video memory" from the tee on the course
provide me@golf at the driving range for golfers who do not have coach
provide me@golf at the both places (course and driving range)

operate service with partner/ sponsor of golf course
operate service without partner/ sponsor of golf course and ignore marketing purposes

take me@golf as a chance how to offer an usefull thing for golfers, the priority is not income
or take me@golf as a new way how to increase income

Our representatives are ready to recommend you the best option for you specific golf course.