Internet. The me@golf system can be installed at any golf course with internet access worldwide.
We need the internet access only in clubhouse or reception.
We do not need the wifi signal on places where is videocamera placed!

The installation of the system does not require any alterations to the golf course, nor does it affect the overall golf course landscape. The videocameras are anchored in the ground thanks to screwable poles, hence there is no need for concrete or fixing the poles on the surface. The camera poles can be relocated to any spot on the golf course in less than 10 minutes.    

The videocameras and overall system are connected via a data cable or WiFi connection, hence there are no loose wires or cables on the golf course.

The operation of the system is similar to that of simple mobile applications. me@golf is intuitive. There is no need for training the golf course staff. For any technical assistance, please contact our qualified staff or call our customer service help desk.    

The entire system is delivered ready-to-use. All components are pre-installed and ready for immediate activation after they have been set-up in their positions and connected on the golf course. There is not need to call an installation company and the installation can be simply done by the golf course maintenance manager/staff, who has access to the me@golf manual and can call our customer service help desk for any assistance.

We deliver our system in the specially designed me@golf box and can the entire system can be installed on the same day of delivery.

The operation of the video recording system does not in any way affect or hinder the Internet or WiFi connection. me@golf is connected to an independent network and hence does not affect the operation of other devices on the golf course.