me@golf is a video-technology system and professional golf tool that allows year-round operation of cameras on the golf course to monitor player's golf game.

The video attachment is automatically sent to the golf player’s email or to the clubhouse PC terminal. 

me@golf is a simple system how to monitor your golf swing and shots throughout the golf season at various golf courses, driving ranges, at the academy and putting greens.

This is the most comfortable way for all golfers how to watch their shots for the whole season.


Odpaliště permanentně snímané videokamerou

#1 The teeing ground is constantly monitored by a videocamera.


Golfista příchází na odpaliště.

#2 The golf player approaches the teeing ground.


Golfista se připravuje k odpalu jako obvykle.

#3 The golf player prepares himself /herself for shot.


Goflista odpaluje míček tak, jak je zvyklý.

#4 The golf player hits the ball.


Jak golfisté používají me@golf. #5 Within 60 seconds of the shot, the golf player simply swipes his/her player ID card on the card reader, which is located directly below the camera. The player can then continue in the game without carrying with him any type of device. The video recoding with the shot will automatically be sent to the player's email address and to the clubhouse terminal. Watch the video with a demonstration of how me@golf works.