After the golf player swipes his/her player ID card a video recording of the player’s shot will be automatically sent to

1) the player’s email address
The player can view the video on a mobile device or tablet within 15 minutes
2) the golf player’s personal account on
The player will be able to access his/her archive of videos from golf courses worldwide
3) the clubhouse PC terminal
The player can independently or with his/her instructor view the video and analyse the golf pitch

The length of the video recording is set for a default of 2 minutes. 

The number of video recordings per player is unlimited!


A special computer PC terminal located at the clubhouse allows the player to:
1) Watch and analyse each video (for an unlimited number of times)
2) Pause and replay videos
3) Watch videos in slow motion or frame by frame
4) Use the electronic pen to draw directly on the video image
5) Send the video to any email address from the terminal 



The player can view the video at the clubhouse terminal within 15 minutes* after swiping the player ID card (the average time is 10 minutes). Videos are automatically deleted from the terminal database by the next day.

The player can view the video recordings on his/her personal account on within 30 minutes. The time may vary from 15-120 minutes*. Videos will be available for download 7 days after the video was taken after which it will be automatically deleted. 

An email attachment with video recording is sent to the player on his/her mobile device at the same time it is saved on the player’s personal account. On average this takes approx. 30 minutes*. 

*The precise video trasmission time cannot be guaranteed as the Internet speed will vary at each golf course.